Why did you make Locket?
I’ve been an iOS designer and developer for many years. Recently, I lost somebody I love. I had thousands of photos and videos of him in an album, and while the Photos app has many terrific features in it, I found it challenging to explore this album. I wanted a special place to explore and revisit the items in this album — so that’s my core goal in making Locket.

Is Locket a separate database from the Photos app?
No. Locket is just displaying your existing Photos library. Locket is not a separate database, it doesn't make copies of your photos or waste your storage space.

Does Locket do anything weird with my photo data?
Nope! Locket just displays the contents of your Photos library on your phone. Your photos and videos aren’t uploaded or analyzed or anything weird like that. The Privacy Policy has more information for you!

What's Locket Plus?
Locket Plus is a collection of features to make Locket even better. For now, it's how you enable Shared Albums in Locket - and over time, I'll be adding more features to Locket Plus.

What's this about Locket Plus and charity?
One of my goals for Locket was to find a way to fundraise for different kindness acts. One of those acts is that I'll donate 30% of Locket's income to the SUDC Foundation. (So, for every $1.00 that people spend on Locket Plus, Apple takes a percentage - and 30% of whatever's left after that will go to the SUDC Foundation.)

I’d like to contact the developer. How do I do that?
👋 Bryan here. You can contact me through the app’s settings; I’m not able to reply to every message, but I do read all of them!

Why does Locket require write-access to my Photos library?
Locket lets you toggle whether-or-not a photo is favorited; that requires write access. Locket doesn’t add or delete any items from your Photos library, though!

Can I have multiple albums in Locket?
Kinda, but only one-at-a-time! Locket remembers the albums you’ve previously used; you can quickly switch between them in Locket’s settings. (I may add support for multiple-albums-at-the-same-time in the future, though!)

Can I add a Shared Album (aka “Photo Stream”) to Locket?
Yes! (This is the main feature of Locket Plus.)

How do I get photos into Locket?
You have two options for what shows up in Locket: you can choose an album from your Photos library, or you can choose to display all of your photos and videos. Either way will work fine, but I recommend that you pick an album, to help keep Locket clear of the clutter of your full Photo library.

Can I use Locket to create my album?
No, at least not yet. I’ve focused my efforts in Locket on making the best browsing and exploring of an album — and I prefer to let Apple make the best build-an-album experience in their Photos app. I may add this ability in the future to the app, though - if this is a feature you’d like to see, send me an email!

Is Locket your full-time job?
I made Locket for myself, and it’s much more of a side-project-hobby than anything else. I have a full-time job at a terrific place; Locket is a nights-and-weekends kind of thing. (Because of this, I’ve tried to keep Locket’s implementation simple, and avoid storing any personal data in the app; that way if my ability to support Locket fades at some point, you’ll still have your photos in the Photos app.)

My question isn’t answered here.
I figured this would happen! I’m happy to answer any questions you have; you can email or chat with me through the app’s settings, or find my contact info here. Drop me a line!