Locket's Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the Locket app for iOS. Your privacy is very important. Your data is your own. This app will only use your information according to the policies outlined below.

If you have any questions about it, please contact me!

Your Photos and Videos

Locket requires read-access to your Photos library in order to display your albums, photos, and videos in the app. Locket doesn’t upload your photo library anywhere, and doesn’t perform any analysis on the contents of your images and videos. Your photos library is completely your own; it belongs to you and remains on your device.

Locket asks for write-access to your Photos library in order to toggle whether an item is favorited (by tapping the heart on a photo or video).

(Or, put another way: Locket is not a separate database from your Photos library - it’s a way to view parts of your Photos library in a different interface. Your items remain on your device, and aren’t analyzed or stored anywhere else.)

Information Locket collects

Locket uses Amplitude and Google’s Firebase tools for crash-reporting and analytics, and Mapbox for its dark-themed maps.

Crash-reporting is opt-in; if the app crashes, you’ll be prompted before a report is sent. These crash reports help me identify and fix any errors and crashes that people experience in using the app.

Locket’s app collects aggregate, anonymous statistics, such as the percentage of users who use particular features, to help me improve the app. These analytics are opt-out: you can find options in Locket’s in-app settings to toggle whether-or-not crash reporting and analytics are sent.

Mapbox's terms-of-service requires Locket to leave their anonymized telemetry (to improve their maps) as an opt-out setting in Locket. If you've got Locket Plus, (required for these night-mode maps), there's an opt-out at the bottom of Locket's in-app settings!

Privacy Policy Changes

Although most changes are likely to be minor, this privacy policy may change from time to time, and at my sole discretion. If you’re concerned about changes to this privacy policy, I encourage you to check back on this page for any changes; I’ll keep a record of those changes at the bottom of the page.

Limited Warranty

I do not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information published on this website, nor do I commit to ensuring that the website remains available or that the material on this website is kept up to date.


  • Dec 2018: Added Amplitude to analytics services.
  • Jan 2019: Added Mapbox Telemetry information.